Welcome to Walnut Kids’ vibrant Awana program, where young minds embark on an exciting journey of Scripture exploration and memorization! Tailored for children from Pre-K through 6th Grade, Awana is a dynamic and engaging ministry that nurtures a love for God’s Word in the hearts of our youngest members.

Through interactive lessons, games, and designated memorization sessions, we create an environment where biblical truths come to life. Our dedicated team of leaders is committed to fostering spiritual growth, building lasting relationships, and instilling a strong foundation of faith in every student involved.

Awana at Walnut Memorial Baptist Church is more than a program; it’s a joyful adventure that empowers children to embrace God’s Word and develop a lifelong relationship with Christ. Join us as we inspire young hearts to shine brightly in their faith journey!

Awana begins at 5:45 PM in the Kids Wing every Wednesday night throughout the school year. We follow the school schedule, so make sure to follow our calendar and keep an eye on social media for updates!

Puggles: 2 – 3 Years Old
Cubbies: 3+ and Potty Trained
Sparks: K – 2nd Grade
T&T Boys / Girls: 3rd – 6th Grade