Bible Study (Sunday School)


*To reach people for Christ

*To teach people about the Bible

*To witness to people

*To lead people to worship

*To care for people

*To fellowship with people

You can be a part of this every Sunday at 9:45 AM.

We offer several different classes for all ages and we would love for you to join us!

A Firm FoundationTeacher(s):            Lee Rice, Don Wilkins
A Firm Foundation is a verse-by-verse class which embraces the study of an entire book of the Bible.   Demographic:       Mixed demographic (all adult ages and marital status).
BereanTeacher(s):            Linda Acton A curriculum-based class with a seasoned understanding of Scripture. Demographic:       Senior adult women.
Building A LegacyTeacher(s):            Mike Staples   This curriculum-based class is diverse and focuses on leaving behind a legacy of biblical faithfulness and passing it on to following generations.   Demographic:       Mixed demographic (all adult ages and marital status).
College & CareerTeacher(s):            Zach Lake The College and Career class focuses on Bible study in areas that are relevant to college life. They use a mixture of verse-by-verse study, theme-based study, and curriculum-based study.   Demographic:       College age through thirty years old.
CornerstoneTeacher(s):            Mike Bosley   A curriculum-based class with a heavy emphasis on community. The Cornerstone class is a great class for empty nest and beyond. They engage in frequent fellowships, service projects, and sponsoring families in genuine need.   Demographic:       Primarily empty nesters, and ages forty and older.
Walnut 101Teacher(s):            Shane Kahkola   Walnut 101 is a periodic class which endeavors to familiarize new believers and new members with what we believe and how we operate. Membership at Walnut begins here.   Demographic:       Not demographically based.
Pairs & SparesTeacher(s):            Hosea Brown The Pairs & Spares is a curriculum-based class which devotes itself to practical Bible study and a strong sense of community.   Demographic:       Senior adults of any marital status.
Prudence SeekersTeacher(s):            Matt Nolan Prudence Seekers is a curriculum-based class for everyone.   Demographic:       Senior adults of any marital status.
Reliable LadiesTeacher(s):            Agnes Long   Reliable Ladies is curriculum-based class with a desire to make practical application of Scripture in daily life.   Demographic:       Senior adult women.
Verse by VerseTeacher(s):            Andrew DePasquale
A class specifically focused on studying Scripture verse-by-verse, book-by-book.   Demographic:       Mixed demographic (all adult ages and marital status).
Women to WomenTeacher: Diane Noles   Women to Women is a curriculum-based class with a special focus on mentorship in the Christian faith. They take seriously the command for older women to teach the younger.   Demographic:       Women, thirty and older.