Happy Walnuts Afterschool Program

Walnut Memorial’s Happy Walnuts after-school program has 50 school-aged children enrolled who attend Newton Parrish Elementary School. Because of this opportunity, we are able to share the gospel and the love of Jesus with these children throughout the school week.

This week we start (01/04/2022) a new semester with the program and although we are excited to see our after-school kids, we are also facing heart-wrenching circumstances. To run this program, we need to have 4 after-school teachers, at minimum, daily. At this moment we are starting the semester with3 teachers (including Elijah, the director) 4 days a week and 2 teachers 1 day a week.

If you or anyone you know is interested in serving in this program please consider this opportunity.

 Without hiring at least one more person, we will have to shut down a classroom. Shutting down a classroom will require about 15-20 children and their families to find another form of after-school childcare during unprecedented times.

We appreciate volunteers, but since we are regulated and licensed by the state, we need someone willing to go through the certification process in order to be a teacher. If you want to volunteer and are willing to go through that process, then please contact us.